International Volunteer

Publish : December 8,2021 Form : JSVIAT

International students joined in the Spring Festival travel rush voluntary service. Under the guidance of on-set staff, there were 5 international student volunteers from Cambodia and Lao of JSVIAT. They learned about the safety knowledge and service disciplines, knew how to use the service equipment for Spring Festival travel rush, got well prepared for the Spring Festival travel rush voluntary service.

The appearance of international student volunteers attracted many peoples attention. The Xuzhou broadcasting and TV journalist interviewed the international student Cui Chenhui , he said that China is the second mother land for him, and he was eagerly looking forward to joining in the Spring Festival travel rush voluntary service. And the experience will also become a special cultural experience in the three years in China. Meanwhile, the 5 international student volunteers also made a promise that they will obey the post service disciplines strictly and tried their best to finish the task.

It is reported that it was the first time for international students to join in the Spring Festival travel rush voluntary service. According to the arrangement, all the volunteers will guide the passengers enter into stations and have tickets checked with the on-set staff together in the next 40 days.