Indonesian Yogyakarta Province Presidents Training

Publish : December 9,2021 Form : JSVIAT

The opening ceremony of Indonesian Yogyakarta province presidents leadership promotion training was successfully held in the library meeting room on Oct. 12. There are about 24 officers from education department of Indonesian Yogyakarta province , the president of JSVIAT Prof.Shen Shi de attended the ceremony , vice president Zeng Fan yuan gave a welcome speech and the director of international cooperation division Mr. He Bin hosted  the ceremony.

The training in the form of expert lectures, inspections of colleges and universities, cultural experience and group discussions for one week. Indonesian Yogyakarta province is famous for tourist industry, and the training program is the second batch of the Indonesian education department excellent teachers and presidents since March in 2019. Meanwhile, it is also a further implement to the important cooperative program since the Secretary of Party Committee prof.Sun delegation visited Indonesia in June, 2019.