Visiting of South Korea

Publish : December 9,2021 Form : JSVIAT

At the invitation of universities of South Korea, president prof. Shen Shide led a delegation of five visited three universities in South Korea, Korean Yongjin Specialized University, Korean National University of Transportation and Korean Hoseo University from Dec.16 to Dec.19, 2019.

The delegation visited Korean Yongjin Specialized University on Dec,16. The president Mr. Cui zairong, the dean of School of International Education Mr.Qian Xiangbiao and the Chinese major direactor Miss Jin Guihua attended the meeting. Mr. Cui zairong gave a brief introduction about Korean Yongjin Specialized University and then had a negotiation about “2+1” cooperative programs. The delegation also visited the second international school campus and SMT center, Semiconductor engineering center and had a better understanding about school-running ideas and characteristics of Korean Yongjin Specialized University.

The delegation visited Korean National University of Transportation Zhongzhou campus on Dec.17, and got an enthusiastic reception of the president Mr. Piao Junxun and the Director of International Cooperation Division Mr. Yu Taikui. Since 2015, we have recommended about 20 students to Korean National University of Transportation,and most of them choose to  continue getting bachelor degree and master degree. The two parties had a deeply discussion about teachers exchange visit, cooperative programs and other research cooperation. After the discussion, the delegation also visited the exchanged student representatives.

The delegation visited Korean Hoseo University on Dec.18. The deputy president Mr.Jiang Junmo and deputy dean of the school of international cooperation Mr. Jin Shiyong attended the conference. In the conference,Mr.Jiang Junmo emphatically introduced the major specialties, faculty conditions and cooperation actuality in China. And Shen Shide introduced the development ideas of JSVIAT, school-running scale, and provided some relevant suggestions to the further cooperation. Lastly, the two parties signed the exchanges and cooperation letter of intent.